KETO Jump Start Program

The Basics

To get started, be sure you read the FAQ.

There is also a Keto Friendly Restaurant Guide and Keto Food List

The Meal Plan

Download your meal plan here! 

Review your plan and choose a day to get started.

You can do hard things! 

The Shopping Lists

Now that you’ve reviewed your meal plan, it’s time to go shopping! 

Please note there are both men’s shopping list and women’s shopping list as the recipes will vary in serving size. 

The Recipes

Now we get to the good part! The recipes! 

Please note there are both men recipes and women recipes in the download. 

The Workouts

You have your meal plan, you have your recipes, now the workouts! 

This workout can be done at home with dumbbells or at a gym, you can also adjust the movements to suit your level of fitness.